Managed services

Our business model is designed to be transparent, flexible and efficient. It has the advantage of being supported by added value services. These services can be used by our clients on an ad hoc basis or integrated in service level agreements.

Nexios IT endorses this role and manages subcontracting companies in an “open book” philosophy, applying an administrative margin.

The customer may request Nexios IT to issue company handbooks. This way, all new consultants will be fully briefed about life at the client site. Consultants will start their assignments with a sound understanding of their culture, company strategy, technology, company policies, processes and general working practice allowing a flawless transition into their work environment.

Managed Services works in every economic climate:

In a growing market, the need for external resources increases. There is a natural growth of suppliers due to the lack of resources. Managed Services will simplify partnerships via one channel: Nexios IT.

In a declining market, Managed Services leads to a cost reduction program. Existing subcontracting companies are managed through Nexios IT. Thanks to our IKM assessment platform we streamline the massive amount of incoming CV’s you receive on a daily basis. This unique service enables us to present you a shortlist of the best technically qualified consultants.

  • Transparent financial base
  • Control on the number of suppliers
  • No time wasted on contract negotiations
  • Saving cost and time in technical selection process
  • ...
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