About Us

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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our customers and partners with the successful realisation of their IT-projects, essential for their success and growth strategy. This is accomplished through our values:


At Nexios IT, being an employee means being part of a team. Togetherness and team spirit are very pronounced. We are one big, close group where respect, communication and trust are central.


Our consultants get a profound training throughout their Nexios career. They are stimulated to get certifications, and are motivated to indulge themselves in a variety of projects.

Gender and wage equality

Nexios IT believes in an equal treatment of individuals and makes no distinction based on gender.


We work with people who, based on their passion for technology, perform well and are driven to daily shift the limits of their capacities through improvement and innovation.


“Nexios IT is not just another consulting company. Sure, you will find here talented and passionate people who care about what they do. But there's more to this company than meets the eye. What makes a company great is its culture, and we all understand this. That's why each individual plays a key role in the company's success, being a full member of this big family. Nexios IT is also a place where you are always welcome.“

Guillaume B.

“Nexios IT is like a big family. You do not know everyone very well, but once you are together, you feel well surrounded by people who care about you and always take the time to listen to what you have to say. The company keeps progressing and the family gets bigger. Recruitment is not done exclusively on the competencies reflected in a resume, but above all on the human qualities of the candidate.“

Arnaud B.

“During the last year of my education I got the idea to work as a consultant, but I had the fear of just being a name on the payroll. During the interviews at Nexios I felt the opposite, and since my start I can confirm this. You are a person with a story, and at Nexios we try to make that story as successful as possible. The main focus is your personal development in combination with a professional career.“

Remko V.